We are having inspection arrangements for all the components and it’s processes at different stages of production :

(A) Incoming Material Inspection :

Visual Examination and Spark Testing of Raw Material
Chemical, Metallurgical and Physical Testing.

(B) Process Inspection :

Inspection is carried out at every stage of production at different stages i.e. Die Shop, Cutting Shop, Forge Shop and Heat Treatment Shop.
Certain pieces are selected from each lot of components passing through the process of heat treatment and are tested to confirm the hardness, microstructure, grain size of the lot as par need of customer.
We can do normalizing, annealing, hardening, tempering, solution annealing, Isothermal annealing of the forged components.
All care is taken on control the hardness within a navigation of hardness from piece to piece upto 15BHN.

(C) Final Inspection :

All the forged parts are shot blasted and following inspection carried out.
Visual Inspection for Scalepit, Folds, Unfeeling etc.
Dimensional Inspection.
Some of the piece/lot are fully laid out for dimension as per the drawing before dispatch.
Packing of the components and dispatches are made as per customer requirement.

Delivery :

Under strict monitoring orders schedules, new developments and stock plans in materials, we maintain a very strict delivery schedule in accordance to the requirement of our valued customers.